Corvid-19 the upheaval.

It seems like the world is falling apart Corvid-19 has everyone running for the hills.
Offices are empty, workers where they can are working from home and self isolating the economy is in free fall, schools are closing causing even more difficulty for people working from home.

But are we grinding for a halt because we are stuck in our ways and actually much of our “digital/office work” can be easily continued with minimal disruption if we looked to the technology that we use to share our daily dietary habits and fish lips pictures to its full potential?

I’m going to focus here on schools as this is the area that personally I believe can benefit from the use of technology and can be adopted for future use outside of disaster recovery fairly easily.

As schools are closing for the foreseeable future due to Corvid-19 our children’s education and the future of this countries workforce is facing disruption. But do we really need to worry? are we missing an alarmingly simple solution that can be used to keep the school system working remotely?

Enter the amazing world of moving sound and picture..

Webinars and video conferencing has been around for what feels like an age, its not even a secondary thought for me to have a personal face to face with teams around the world from the comfort of my own office. So why are schools not looking to this as a solution?

Most pupils in secondary school or higher are issued with a school email address, and most kids that I know of have either a phone, tablet or access to a computer so theoretically the infrastructure is already in place for children to attend remote schooling sessions, where the teacher can deliver the lesson plan and answer students questions.
Now I know there is so much more to teaching than just delivering a lesson plan, but in our current climate we need to look at how we can resolve our current situation of no schooling at all, and I believe that this can be resolved with remote schooling.

There are so many facilities available out their to deliver video conferencing from free to paid for, but lets have a look at the features that can be available.

  • Pupil registration.
  • Host take over.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Messaging so that users are not interrupting the tutor mid flow.
  • File sharing.
  • Screen Recording. (This I believe is massively beneficial, a student can re-watch a lesson to absorb more of the information or to gain further understanding)

Now obviously I have put a very simplistic view across here but I believe that with a little bit of collaboration with schools and teachers we could quite quickly keep our children being educated and support our future infrastructure.

If you would like to discuss any possible solutions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and we can look at your requirements and possible solutions that are available on the market, obviously remotely.


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